We are the Help Desk

This song is dedicated to all my techie friends who have ever had to directly support users…

Based on Motörhead’s “(We Are) The Roadcrew”

‪#‎define‬ helpdesk (we)

Another virus, a packet trace
Another user, palm to face
Another queue, a deadly pace

Eatin’ junk, feelin’ bad
Another shift, goin’ mad
Don’t have a date I’m so sad

But I just hate the life I lead
Another break is what I need
Another call, my ears bleed
We are the help desk!

An open ticket, I’m behind
Another socket, just won’t bind
Another driver I can’t find

Another backup I can’t do
Another roll of solder too
Another order to get through

Scriptin’ like a maniac
Script my way to hell and back
Another patch to roll back
We are the help desk!

Another bridge, we can burn
Another screw, another turn
Another org chart I must learn

Another Micro Center on the way
Another game that I can play
Another command I learned today

Another bloody Facebook post
Another fscking localhost
Another set of drives to ghost
We are the help desk!

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