Trojan Pineapples

While the Wi-Fi Pineapple is very compact and fairly discreet, it could still catch the eye of an observant employee. Since the intention is to use this device as a pentest dropbox, it has to be as close to undetectable as possible.

Making Copies

Special power filters/surge suppressors are sold for office photocopiers. They often sell for several hundred dollars new, but can be found used on eBay for around $20.


The three that I picked up all had a long cord to plug-in to a wall outlet, a short cord for the copier to plug into, an Ethernet and phone line in/out between the two cords, and two additional outlets on the opposite side. Each had a different company sticker on it, but they all indicated that the device should not be removed.


Perfect! So, the plan is to keep the power functionality and replace the Ethernet with connections to our Pineapple.


There’s not enough space for our Pineapple and power supply, so let’s make some room by removing the innards.


Now to check that all the components will fit before we start wiring everything together.


The Wi-Fi Pineapple fits with a USB swivel adapter for the 3G modem and with the antenna connector sold by HAK5. The power supply shown in the bottom right is the adapter for the Pineapple Juice battery sold by HAK5 with its case and cable removed.

I removed the telephone line jacks from the circuit board, clipping the leads as they will not be used. This was then super glued back onto the case. The wires connecting the wired outlets (right side of picture) were removed and a single run was put in place that allowed an additional connection to the power supply. Theoretically all of the parts could be reused, but instead of soldering the Ethernet cables to the existing jacks, I installed two Shaxon Cat 5e 110-Type keystone jacks. They don’t fit perfectly, but once super glued in place they work fine and make wiring simple.

The finished product before the cover is put back on. Powered up and functional.


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